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Westmoreland County, PA, Retaining Wall Installation and Repair
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For Westmoreland County, PA, retaining wall installation and repair, call the pros at Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry. Although commonplace in hilly areas like Westmoreland County, PA, retaining walls are unsung heroes in the landscaping community. Without retaining walls, the yards of many commercial and residential properties would be too unstable to live and build on.

Noticing a crack in your retaining wall and not taking action or neglecting to build a retaining wall in a sloped yard can result in devastating consequences for your property. Whether you need a simple repair or a brand-new build, contact Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry for your retaining wall needs in Westmoreland County! Schedule a free estimate online or reach us at (724) 599-4386 today.

Why Install A Retaining Wall In Westmoreland County?

Retaining walls stabilize sloped areas, control drainage, minimize soil erosion, reduce yard maintenance, and prevent flood-related damages to your property. Landscaping on a sloped area will end in a disaster or constant cleanup. You can achieve sturdier landscaping in Westmoreland County, PA with retaining walls.

Beyond the functional benefits of retaining walls, they also increase the value of your home. They add curb appeal, provide additional surface space, make elevations more uniform, and ensure the safety of the property. A properly built retaining wall is a beautiful addition to any home.

Retaining walls can be built with concrete, bricks, stone, stone veneer, and more. Each material brings its own special look. So choose the design that best fits your property and call us now for a free quote.

Experience of Our Retaining Wall Installation and Repair

Planning, designing, and building a retaining wall requires years of experience. Retaining walls must be sturdy enough to hold back tons of soil and water or else they will collapse. Our experience combined with our focus on customer satisfaction guarantees a final product that not only meets your needs but exceeds them, all at a competitive price.

Achieve the look for your property that you have always dreamed of by picking up the phone and calling us now! We proudly provide Westmoreland County, PA, retaining wall installation and repair.