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For Ligonier, PA, real stone and veneer stone installation, contact us at Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry. Is the curb appeal of your home and surrounding outdoor area no longer as beautiful as you remember? Have the harsh weather conditions caused your walkways, patio flooring, and walls to fade, crack, or even collapse? Are you looking to restore your home or outdoor property with the natural look of real stone and veneer stone?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, call (724) 599-4386 or schedule an appointment online for a free consultation. Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry has helped customers repair, replace, and build new real stone and veneer stone structures. We have offered services for over 40 years in Ligonier, PA at a competitive and affordable price.

Should I Use Real Stone or Veneer Stone for My Ligonier Area Property?

Real stone is authentic stone and will make your property look and feel more natural. Real stone is also environmentally friendly. It can last indefinitely with proper maintenance, does not fade, and can be reused.

Veneer stone is a synthetic material that looks similar to real stone but is mass-produced. Although this material lacks the same authenticity and originality as real stone, Veneer stone is less expensive, lightweight, easy to find, and easy to cut. This makes it a perfect choice for projects that require flexibility. Most importantly, veneer stone installation does this while possessing the natural beauty that real stone provides without the extra cost.

If your goal is to improve the overall look of your property, you cannot go wrong with real stone or veneer stone installation.

Real Stone and Veneer Stone Installation for Ligonier-Area Properties

With over 40 years of service experience, our professionals at Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry are the leading experts in real stone and veneer stone installation for Ligonier-area properties. Whether you need a brand-new pathway or help to repair a cracked retaining wall, we can make your property look the way you have always dreamed! Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry always puts the customer first; we will work to your specifications so you can be sure everything looks exactly how you requested. So if you would like a consultation, call today for Ligonier, PA, real stone and veneer stone installation.