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Retaining Walls in Kittanning, PA
Installation and Repair for All of Armstrong County, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry Installs Retaining Walls

Retaining walls in Kittanning, PA, are important landscape structures that hold soil in place. They can be constructed using various materials, including brick, stone, and concrete. Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry specializes in retaining wall construction and repair services. We proudly serve clients in and near Kittanning, PA, as well as the entire Armstrong County region and beyond. We can design retaining walls that suit your landscape needs and budget.

For a free estimate call us today at (724) 599-4386. You can also contact us online to schedule retaining wall installation and repair for your property.

Why Are Retaining Walls Useful in Landscapes?

If you have a sloping landscape, retaining walls can help you prevent erosion as they keep soil–and other plantings in place. They can also be used to create terraced gardens or raised flower beds. The function of the wall, its height, and your budget will impact the type of material you choose. Our construction specialists can help you design retaining walls or series of walls that are ideal for your landscape.

Sturdy Retaining Walls for Landscape Management and Property Safety

Many homeowners choose retaining wall materials based on other exterior features of their home such as their patio or garden pavers. Whether you choose a poured concrete design, bricks, or stone, you will want to ensure that professionals install it so that the wall does not fail. Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry has the experience and expertise needed to create retaining walls that fit with existing hardscape design.

Contact Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry for Retaining Wall Repairs

If you have older retaining walls, they may require concrete repair work. Mortar may need to be replaced or cracks filled. In some cases, the wall may be failing and should be removed and then replaced. Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry can repair your retaining walls or replace them. We can visit your home to evaluate the condition of your retaining walls in order to recommend the ideal fix.

Sturdy Retaining Walls for Landscape Management and Property Safety

If you need retaining wall installation or repairs at your Kittanning, PA, home, contact Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry. We will bring all the tools and equipment needed to construct your walls and can also source all the materials for the project. Our construction crews are certified and are known for their efficient work. Call us to obtain references or to discuss your retaining wall project. We specialize in a wide range of hardscaping solutions and provide installation and repair of retaining walls in Kittanning, PA.