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Patio Installation and Repair in Ebensburg, PA
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Improve Outdoor Living Areas with Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry

For patio installation and repair in Ebensburg, PA, and surrounding areas, call Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry. Taking advantage of the warmer months with dedicated outdoor living areas is a trend that just keeps growing. Patios become extended “rooms” perfect for relaxation and entertaining when installed and maintained with care.

Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry are experts in new patio installation, concrete repair for patios and all types of hardscaping. Call us today at (724) 599-4386 or contact us online to schedule patio installation and repair.

Installing a New Patio for Ebensburg-Area Homes and Businesses

Installing a brand new patio can complete a new build and add value to an existing home or commercial property. How the patio will be used is a big consideration. Is there room for planters, a canopy shade, cooking or grilling facilities? How to achieve a stable surface of concrete or stone that ensures durability and safety.

Professional installation includes attention to these details at a competitive price and is worth its weight in gold. And using concrete and stone is an environmentally sustainable option, one that can stand up to a wide range of climate and terrain scenarios.

Expand Patio Size for Outdoor Entertaining and Greater Accessibility

Homeowners may want to expand their existing patio size for outdoor entertaining and greater accessibility. This may include adding a built-in fireplace or kitchen area, or adding connecting walkways that lead to other parts of the home and yard. A professional concrete and masonry specialist knows how to integrate expansions harmoniously with thoughtful placement and complementary materials.

New Patio Installation, Concrete Repair for Patios and More

Concrete and stone are long-lasting but may need repairs over time. Engaging an industry expert such as Straight Edge Concrete and Masonry can save an existing patio from demolition with strategic patching and the integration of new materials. We are knowledgeable about techniques such as mud-jacking, crack filling, acid staining, epoxy treatment or adding a concrete overlay. Maintaining an existing patio area with timely repairs not only means more years of enjoyment for family and friends, but added value to a home’s resale worth as well.

Proudly serving all of Cambria County, PA and surrounding areas, Straight Edge Concrete and Masonry are the trusted concrete contractors for patio installation, extension and repair, and much more. Contact us to learn more about our complete line of concrete and masonry services. We offer free consultations and estimates for residents and commercial building owners who seek patio installation and repair in Ebensburg, PA.