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Straight Edge Concrete Installs Decorative Stone to Enhance Exterior Walls

When you need an Armstrong County, PA, decorative concrete and stone contractor, trust Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry. Exterior walls can be dull, making your home look unattractive and unappealing. An inexpensive solution is to install decorative concrete and stone to change the appearance of your exterior walls.

Fairly common decorative stones on most Armstrong County, PA homes can add a bit of life to ordinary exterior walls. Our company serves all of Armstrong County and surrounding areas with decorative concrete and stone installation. Call Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry today at (724) 599-4386 or contact us to enhance your property with decorative concrete and stone.

Types of Decorative Stone to Change Walls in Armstrong County, PA

There are many options to pick from when it comes to decorative stones, which can be overwhelming for a homeowner looking to purchase them. However, in general, different decorative stones usually fall into different categories based on size and shape. The smaller decorative stones such as gravel are more affordable and often come in useful sizes. Larger rocks like lava and river rocks are more expensive and come in varying colors that offer attractive visual contrast when used against dull exterior walls.

Some of the Best Types of Decorative Stone for Exterior Walls


It is among the most popular form of decorative stone because it is the second hardest stone after diamond. It is resistant to moisture, scratches, and heat, making it ideal for changing your home’s exterior wall. It is also highly durable and can stay for years because it adapts to different climate conditions.


You might have seen flint finishes in farmhouses or churches, especially in England. It can be cut and modified easily to form any pattern making it ideal for designing multiple patterns. Flint is available in three colors, black, blue, and gray, and strongly resists weathering providing the exterior walls additional durability and toughness.

Additional Types of Decorative Stone Options


It is often confused with marble due to its appearance and strength, but slightly different. Quartzite has a sparkling crystalline structure that gives out a bright, sparkling effect when used as a wall covering for exterior walls. As one of the strongest elements, it can withstand chemicals, stains, and temperatures. Additionally, the stone requires very low-cost maintenance.


Limestone is useful as a base for cement and is mostly used for exterior walls. Unlike other types of stones, you can carve and cut through limestone to sculpt different shapes thanks to its fine texture. It also reduces heat and offers a cooling environment because of its high thermal stability, and it is eco-friendly. However, the stone is extremely porous and weathers naturally.

Trust Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry in Armstrong County, PA

In a nutshell, decorative stone can improve your home’s curb appeal. Call today to discuss the ideal options for your home with an Armstrong County, PA, decorative concrete and stone contractor.