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Concrete Repair in Nanty Glo, PA
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Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry Can Repair Broken Concrete

Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry offers concrete repair in Nanty Glo, PA. Our masonry team is the most trusted professional masonry and concrete company in the area. We serve Nanty Glo, all of Cambria County, PA, and surrounding areas. Broken concrete or crumbling masonry work decreases the tidy appearance of your home or business. Concrete that needs repair is dangerous and limits accessibility.

Repair broken concrete in Nanty Glo, PA, at an affordable price and with the skill of Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry. Give us a call at (724) 599-4386 or contact us online here.

Eliminate Hazards with Concrete Repair in Nanty Glo, PA

The team at Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry can eliminate hazards with concrete repair in Nanty Glo, PA. Let us know if you need concrete repair on any of the surfaces on your property:

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Repair Broken Concrete In Nanty Glo, PA With Decorative Options

Straight Edge is the masonry and concrete company that people of Nanty Glo, Cambria County, PA, and surrounding areas trust. Our team can eliminate hazards with concrete repair and add flair and style to their outdoor living spaces. Reap the benefit of professional masonry work and know that your home or business will be safer and more attractive. This added curb appeal is ideal for visitors and accessibility to a wide range of people.

There are multiple methods of using decorative options to repair broken concrete or other masonry materials. Our team can provide real stone and veneer stone for those who want to change the look. We can provide artisan and efficient benefits to add to the beauty and comfort of your home.

Client Testimonials on Our Masonry & Concrete Services In Nanty Glo, PA

“My husband was in a car accident last year and we quickly realized how [out] of shape our concrete was in when we had to transport him in a wheelchair from the house to the car. It became obvious to us that we needed to quickly eliminate hazards with concrete repair as soon as possible. The people at Straight Edge went out of their way to complete our repairs as fast as they could. We were really impressed with the entire process and the friendliness of the masons working on our property. They helped us create the most accessible path possible for my husband’s comfort during his recovery. I recommend getting in touch with them immediately if you want to repair broken concrete. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quick and affordable these masons are!”

–Claire Banks, Nanty Glo, PA

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