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Johnstown, PA, Retaining Wall Installation and Repair
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Straight Edge Concrete Offers Sturdy Retaining Walls in Johnstown, PA

For Johnstown, PA, retaining wall installation and repair, rely on Straight Edge Concrete & Masonry. Our masons are extensively trained experts in retaining wall installation. They have been proudly serving all of Cambria County, PA, and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

Our retaining walls not only serve their primary function of managing water draining and preventing soil erosion, but they also effortlessly complement your landscape. Call Straight Edge Concrete at (724) 599-4386 today or contact us online for Johnstown, PA, retaining wall installations and repair.

Providing First-Rate Retaining Wall Installation in Johnstown, PA

Retaining walls bear a much larger load than freestanding walls. They must hold their own weight and counter the lateral forces of the earth they retain. When water saturates the soil, it can multiply the load on the retaining walls. For this reason, Straight Edge Concrete makes special provisions when installing your retaining wall. These include:

  • Tie-backs (dead-man anchors) that anchor the wall into the soil
  • A pitch or batter that leans toward the soil
  • Footings to support the wall especially against frozen or loose soil
  • Drains to move water and prevent pressure build-up

These provisions are for reinforcing retaining walls for safety.

Straight Edge Concrete Installs Safe Retaining Walls in Johnstown, PA

Most property owners consider walls an element of interior design. However, walls play a significant role in landscaping design. A landscaping wall can create privacy, serve as a backdrop for your garden or define a section of your landscaping design. You can also use a landscaping wall to retain earth following a patio or driveway excavating. This type of landscaping wall is called a retaining wall. For over 40 years, we have been reinforcing Johnstown-Area retaining walls for safety.

Johnstown-Area Options for Retaining Wall Repair

Retaining walls are susceptible to leaning regardless of their composition. If this happens, your options include:

  • demolishing the wall
  • re-excavating
  • re-installing drains and rebuilding
  • repairing the foundation

Get Unmatched Retaining Wall Installation and Repair in Johnstown, PA

A properly done retaining wall can transform your home. In addition to withstanding the lateral pressure from the soil, an excellent retaining wall fits well into your overall landscape design. Custom retaining walls are becoming an increasingly popular way to match your landscape to the overall architecture of your home. If your retaining wall begins to lean, contact Straight Edge Concrete for Johnstown, PA, retaining wall installation and repair.